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Organizing Assistance is Available


  • Closet Solutions
  • Children's Rooms
  • Home/Personal Office
  • Family Transitions
  • Paper Management
  • Clutter Control
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Senior Downsizing
  • Home Staging
  • Garages and Attics


A Selection of Presentations, Lectures and Workshops

Fun filled, interactive and motivating, these presentations can be customized to suit you group's interests, needs and time allotments.

Contact us for more information and scheduling.

  • Save Yourself (and others, too)
    Solutions for saving time, space, money and other resources by being organized are examined in a humorous presentation.
  • Money in the Mail or Mail Madness?TM
    Develop a paper flow system to keep important items from getting misplaced in the stacks of papers arriving daily.
  • Money Saving Organizational Tools
    Before spending hard earned money on specialized organizing supplies and tools, learn how to make the most of everyday household items you already have to organize your spaces
  • De-clutter Your Head and HouseTM
    Unused items in your house are taking up valuable space there and in your brain, too. Learn ways to free up your mind, time, money and resources as you prioritize those things around you.
  • How the Virtuous Woman Got So Much DoneTM
    A Biblical and Christian approach to personal and home organization using the 5 P's of Orderly Places. This is also available in half day and all day workshops.
  • Organizing Your Head, Heart and House
    An organizing look at keeping balance in your body, mind and spirit as well as your house.
  • Time Stretcher: One Hour Organizing
    Strategies are presented to make your house presentable but not perfect in just a few minutes.
  • Let There Be Music, not Madness
    Organizing solutions for Music Teachers.
  • Saving Time and More
    A look at time management for work schedules, everyday tasks and the things we want to work into our busy lives
  • Economize--Organize
    See your space from a different perspective and learn how to save money and use effective organizing strategies.






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